News from Our President

News from the President

Whew! I hope everyone has survived the summer heat here in San Antonio and are looking forward to Fall! Oh gosh, College football, Professional football, pumpkins, and goblins! Fun! Fun! Fun! We have an exciting year ahead of us. Interest Groups will soon be back in full swing. Check out all of these at theRead More


Our Upcoming Luncheon

October Luncheon

Please join us for October’s Luncheon at Basil Mediterranean Kitchen Basil Mediterranean Kitchen serves a modern selection of most popular and most loved dishes of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine as well as the mouth-watering desserts. Their ambitious menu offers a worth of Turkey’s and Mediterranean Culinary riches. The restaurant serves not only healthy but alsoRead More


News from Our Interest Groups

Hallowine Fun at October 19 Wine/Spirits Tasting

Pull the sheet off your bed, wrap it around yourself toga-style, and hail Bacchus, the god of wine, at the October 19 Wine/Spirits Tasting! In the spirit of Bacchus, the October Wine/Spirits Tasting will emphasize Italian wines.  And to add to the fun, the hosts invite you to wear a Roman toga or other costume, if youRead More